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Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
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Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
. dozens of missiles seen exploding in gaza. authorities in india have investigating claims a that walmart violated exchange rules. direct ownership by foreign firms was prohibited. walmart has denied any wrong doing. and the news comes a day after walmart reported disappointing quarterly sales. there is an original probe in mexico. and finally japan dissolved lower house for a december 16th election. the nikkei rallied more than 2% as investors bet the main opposition party will lynn the election. the party's leader has voied to put pressure to ease monetary currency. mr. kernen, welcome back. >> 25 2not even 24 hours, but is a wallop. it was something. >> we have to go back years to the last time you called in sick. >> how much do i want to share? >> none. >> the one thing i can tell you, it's been 25 years since regurgitating without alcohol i would say. >> how is that possible? how did you go 25 years? >> adults really don't get sick and throw up without alcohol. >> i did over the summer. when you're a little around kids, though -- >> food poisoning maybe. >> i've done it twice in the
Nov 30, 2012 6:00am EST
&a. and this is a company again, an india company owned wouldby guy are french in their behaviors. stefane has been all over this kind of explaining the various ang angles. so as we're talking about other wealthy french leaving the country amid the tax hikes that you've been talking about, it's also a lot of the entrepreneurs here who are to some glee getting in the crosshairs of the government. >> i have to give you some advice. the key for you is to understand what they're says, be able to report what they're saying, but resist the temptation to go native so that when you come back here, you will understand this country again. that's really the problem. it's when you start to -- >> she hachsn't been over there that long. that happened to you. >> was i referencing tea? >> you're doing a great job. just be careful. >> he spent a lot of time in lo moscow. >> i appreciate the concern. >> he is looking back at what did he, not what you're doing. but you're right, thank you for bringing this stuff up. and politics -- >> i think next time i'll just sting to the euro and euro stoxx 600. >> no, this is the same st
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
, places like brazil and india, while still growing they're growing at a slower rate, one of the reasons why we're so focused on the diversification of the portfolio, health care is growing, color in our technology business is growing so solutions like that are places we're putting a large amount of our energy behind but we're also counting on the federal government to help us with some certainty, one part has been solved, we have a president for the next four years, now we have to get fiscal tax issues resolved so we can solidify, our customers can feel better and question participate more with them. >> to that point you are meeting with the president, one of many ceos who will be meeting with him tomorrow i believe. what do you plan to tell the white house at that point? what is the most important issue and how do you come at it in terms of giving him some feedback for what the business communities sees in all of this? >> first thing we'll do is listen a little bit to what he has to say and what his plans are for the second term, but i think the business community and me in particular
Nov 20, 2012 6:00am EST
% growth. lots of indications from china they're slowing, lots of indications from india and there's only so far liquidity can go to keep asset prices pumped and we're really at a turning point where we'll see oil prices continue the downward move. >> the guys in the oil pits are watching the fiscal cliff negotiations, too? >> absolutely, 100%. where the money moves is what's important for the oil market. it's always been the number one consideration, what are asset prices going to be judged, where is capital gains taxes going to come in if they get some deal, that will affect the oil markets to a large degree. >> do you want a deal or not? >> in terms of what? >> in terms of getting a fiscal cliff deal? >> i personally don't want one, but that's neither here nor there. to wish for asset prices to go down is not the most constructive thing. >> you're not getting a penny. >> no. >> you are not getting a rise above pin because you're short oil. you knew you were coming on. >> i'll quote sarah palin, how is that rising above thing going for you so far? have you seen a lot of rising above goi
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
growth in china and india, to try to really do something that's going to be impossible to do, it's a hard thing, i mean -- >> let me say something i don't think you've spent as much time studying this in china as some other people have. >> yes. >> and i talked to them yesterday to find out what china was doing about climate change, what i prefer to call extreme weather and they're taking it extremely seriously. >> what about carbon emissions release? >> they are. no listen for a sec. maybe i can tell you something you don't know. >> okay. >> that's this, china has got i think 30% of its population is going to be in either cities or provinces where they're talking about energy intensity, and energy intensity is just another way of saying how much energy do you use for a given output of gdp so obviously that is not the same as a hard cap on carbon. but they are very aware of the need for a hard cap on carbon. i think they're going to start at 30%, going to move to 50% of the population in china by 2015, three years away. they are ahead of us and taking this seriously. >> tom, given where we
Nov 23, 2012 6:00am EST
india to buy this. >> reporter: i did. >> they have a thing called the internet. >> reporter: this is not the experience i was expecting. >> reporter: you get lines like this back home i suppose? >> yes. >> reporter: as raul shows you how this line snakes around, a crazy person but also maybe someone who is exhausted and with a dry sense of humor is first in line. how many tickets did you get? >> six. >> reporter: what are you planning on getting? >> tv for sure and probably a laptop. >> reporter: and the rest, i don't know, might sell them to you, jane. >> reporter: jason mcclellan got here 98 hours before the doors opened, gave him first choice at picking tickets, like a 40 inch tv which retails for $420 but for today is $180. these are tickets some people didn't sell to folks down the line. is it worth it? how much did you spend? >> 355 to be exact. >> reporter: how much do you think you saved? >> probably about 700. >> reporter: and what are you going to do with it? >> go to disney land. >> reporter: oh, yeah. $700 he saved divided by the 98 hours, works out to $7.14 an h
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)